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Open call VOL.2


Queer Leiden University and KABK students present


Everything New Under the Sun 

For Theory 

Queerness requires constant dialogue with ourselves and our surroundings. We find ourselves in a world that was not created for us and learn how to reshape and define it according to our needs. We also learn to doubt and question what was given to us as the ultimate truths. However, through various forms of self-expression, we establish new truths and uncover new meanings that bring each generation closer to a brighter, more welcoming future. 


During our exhibition, we would love to welcome you to share your research paper (or any form of theory based academic research) on queerness from your personal and academic point of view and present it during the Reading & Discussion Panel in The Grey Space in the Middle! Queer art and theory, despite being so different, are just two sides of the same coin and by linking them during the Everything New Under the Sun exhibition, we want to start a dialogue between these different forms of expression. 



     Everything New Under the Sun: Reading & Discussion Panel is looking for any form of a theory-based academic research paper. 




  1st of September


     The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague


     A young, queer academic who would like to share their already existing work on queer theory. 

(This is a non-paid open call).

For more information, check out our 

Open call deadline: 20/08/2022

Open Call Information 

Apply through the Queer Leiden University email ( until the 20th of August, 2022.


Queer expression is about breaking away from the limitations created by society and ourselves.

It is about celebrating the ‘otherness’ inherently included in its nature.

The term ‘queer’ was already reclaimed once by the LGBTQIA community and it is time for us to give it a new life here, in The Hague and Leiden.

We are aware of how much courage it takes to express oneself which is why our main goal is to create a safer space for whoever comes our way.

We want to create an atmosphere of respect and freedom which is why we invite all participants to get familiar with the community guidelines and with the Q&A section. 

We are looking for helps 

Anyone who wants to participate in our exhibition is always welcomed.

We need help with build-up, hosting audiences, and documenting our exhibition

over the course of the exhibition duration.

Click the button for more details. 

Do you want to participate in the <Everything New Under the Sun>exhibition? 

but if you don't have anything to present, we are looking for volunteers.

If you want to check out our previous open call information  

Open call VOL.1
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