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  1. Will I be paid for my participation in the exhibition?


Unfortunately, our funds are limited and we cannot provide you with a monetary profit.


  1. Can I participate if I do not come from an academic background / am not a university student?


Yes! Our only requirements are that you are queer or trans and over the age of 18. We are interested in your art, not your background.


  1. Can I participate in the open call if I am not a queer or trans?


No, this event was created to give space to queer and trans artists/theoreticians and allow them to express themselves freely, without the usual boundaries imposed on them by society. If you want to participate in the exhibition, but if you do not fall under the term 'queer', you can still be part of our exhibition team via volunteers. 


If you have doubts about whether you fall under the umbrella term ‘queer’, please, refer to this definition. (link to our definition)

 Queer include anyone who falls outside of hetero- and cisnormative identities and/or expressions. We are aware that umbrella terms will never be 100% inclusive and that there are people in our community who don’t identify with that word.

We acknowledge that terms such as queer or trans are Western conceptualisations and that there are people in our community who have Indigenous experiences of gender and/or sexuality. To us, the word queer seems like the most all-encompassing term.

If you have a question please contact us through 

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