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‘Queer Reading the Herritages’ workshop is a group learning, sharing, and reviewing process in which the
participants discuss and practice several queer reading theories in different periods. Hosted by the artist of
‘Crafting Desire’, the workshop is an educational form of the work’s methodology. The workshop includes
two phases. First is “from theory to practice”, where we generate ideas of why and what queer reading can
become the just representation of the heritage in the museum context. The second is “from practice to
knowledge”, where we collectively reflect on the process’s results, making them into sharable

Participants: 8-12

Duration of the workshop: 2.5 hours 

Workshop fee: 6euro 

1. 02/09 14:00-17:00
2. 02/09 17:00-19:00

Time slot 

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Typographic Compositions with Encrypted Snippets of Vulnerability
In this workshop, texts of personal and vulnerable nature (such as diary entries, poems, or
memories) will be used as raw material and fuel for visual narrative building. The process of
“encrypting” these texts, and turning them illegible, comes as a way of utilizing the creative
power of working with something you feel deeply connected to, while – simultaneously – having
the freedom of knowing only you hold the knowledge of its actual (vulnerable) content. To play
with vulnerability, on your own terms and limits.
The workshop will unfold in two steps: the encryption of the text – through classic forms of
encryption, the use of symbol fonts, overlapping elements, generalized visual chaos, etc; to
then, print these encrypted pieces, and implement them in an analog collage, exploring primarily
typography and color, narrative and composition.

Time slot 

Participants: not-limited

Duration of the workshop: 2.5 hours 

Workshop fee: 5euro (3euro for low income) 

What to bring for the workshop: A piece of personal text (written preferably by yourself) and a computer.

03/09   17:00-19:00

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Are you ready to join the ecodeviant movement and learn how to make soap from waste ?


During the workshop, we will combine used frying oil, caustic soda and urine to make a delicious  Piss Soap.  First we will mix the chemicals and allow them to cool down.

During the cooling moment, I will present to you the project of Piss Soap and how this led to creating an artistic ecodeviant practice. 

Then we will finalise the soap and you will be able to bring back home around 700g of Piss Soap.


Whereas I will provide the used frying oil and caustic soda, you are in charge of bringing urine. It can be yours or a loved one, fresh or old you decide! Just make sure you bring a full bottle of 33cl of urine to the workshop. If you are not up for it, let me know and we can use some collected urine I have. 

Feel free to bring anything you would want to add to your soap to add scent. This could be dried flowers or plants, citrus peel (fresh or dried), spices, or used coffee grounds, … Let your imagination run free.


Participants: 10

Duration of the workshop: 2.5 hours 

Workshop fee: 20euro (10 euros for students and low income) 

What to bring for the workshop: Urine 33cl

 (optional) anything to add for scent

Time slot 

04/09  11:00-16:30


During the workshop we use corrosive chemicals, gloves will be supplied but we will still have to be attentive.

The saponification process is a slow and long process. Although we will be making the soap together, you will only be able to use it after 4 months of curing. You will bring back the fresh soap at home and I will provide directions on how to cure it there.

The soap we will create is not intended for face and body cleaning. I recommend using it for outdoor or house cleaning, or only for hand cleaning.

The workshop will welcome and embrace failure as a potential tool for learning. Piss Soap made out of waste is full of surprises and sometimes the outcome can be disappointing or absolutely fabulous.

Remember never a failure, always a lesson!

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Textual dramaturgy

During this workshop, we will investigate through kinetic practices all

of the ways that a text can be brought to the stage. Using attitude as

a main translation method, we will collectively examine the monologue

as the ideal bridge between word and performance.

Participants: not-limited 
Workshop fee: 5 for students and 7 for autodidacts

Duration of the workshop: 3 hours 

What to bring for the workshop:

  1. some kind of documentation of their favorite creative text, whether it be a poem, song lyrics, a monologue, or something they wrote personally. The text can be printed or on your phone/laptop.

  2. one prop/object that they feel is related to the text. This relationship can be in context, scenography, or attitude. 

Time slot 

01/09  12:00 - 15:30

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